— About The Show

Ride With Me - The ASMR Cycling Podcast


The podcast is a series of binaural recordings of bike rides from around the world, exploring the soundscapes of different cities. Created by Matheus Siqueira, an amateur cyclist, the podcast aims to question what are the senses that we remember after going for a ride, and provide an immersive audio experience that will transport the listener to the heart of each location.

References and inspirations

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The idea for the podcast started around 2017 during Matheus Siqueira’s PhD studies into sound theory. It was during this time that he became interested in exploring the concept of soundscapes further, which led to the creation of the podcast.

But Why?

That’s a question I get a lot. The main reason is out of curiosity: what would people feel when listening to a podcast made with the sounds of a bike ride? Is there a difference between the soundscapes of different places, cities, and countries?

I also like the idea of having a database of the sounds of these rides that happened in a specific time and place, and with specific equipment. Maybe in 30 years, when we’re all riding magnetic floating bikes, this will be seen as a museum of recordings of what once was the experience of riding a bike.

— Meet Your Host

Get to know me.

I am the guy behind the show, riding around any place I can.

Hello, I am Matheus, Your Host.

I am a filmmaker with a PhD in cinema. I have worked on a variety of projects, from music videos to series, and I have also taught film theory. My passion for cinema has allowed me to explore the art of storytelling and to share my knowledge with others.

Aside from filmmaking, I am also an avid cyclist. I find great joy in exploring the world on two wheels and experiencing the soundscapes that surround me. I am always looking for ways to combine my passion for sound with my passion for cycling, whether it’s through recording audio while on a ride or incorporating cycling themes into my films. Overall, I am a creative and curious individual who loves to explore new ideas and push boundaries in both my personal and professional life.

Matheus Siqueira