The sounds of a bike race

Welcome to an alluring auditory escape – in this episode, we present you with the vibrant, visceral sounds of cycling adventures. This is the realm where the soundscape of bike rides takes center stage, a fresh perspective, delivering a novel approach to ASMR.

A Binaural Bike Race Experience in the Kenda Open Cup

In our latest episode, we steer off the conventional path and venture into the exhilarating world of mountain bike (MTB) racing. The Kenda Open Cup, famous for its authentic MTB races, is our chosen battlefield. Here, the gradients are insane, and terrains vary from dirt and rocky climbs to single tracks and technical descents. The races are set in the scenic south of Minas Gerais, Brazil, an area that serves as the backdrop for our auditory journey. Our particular episode was recorded during the second stage of the Kenda Open Cup, which took us through the mountains, farms, and roads of the city of Bueno Brandão.

One highlight of the race was the daunting yet awe-inspiring Valley of Crystals. With climbs nearing a 30% gradient, it was a challenge that tested every rider’s mettle. However, the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside that it offered made every grueling climb worth the effort.

In a refreshing twist, this year’s Kenda Open Cup included a Gravel category. We stuck with the same route as the MTB riders, capturing the intense shaking and noises emanating from the rocky descents – a perfect addition to our unique ASMR experience.

A new season coming soon

This episode marks the conclusion of our inaugural season of Ride With Me. We sincerely appreciate our audience for their support and active participation in this project. Our first season saw the release of nine distinctive episodes recorded across three continents and encompassing two cycling disciplines. It has truly been an experiment filled with excitement, novelty, and enrichment.

Looking ahead, we plan to take a short hiatus as we commence recording for Season 2. If you’re in or around Catalunya and would like to meet up, please connect with us via the contact form. We’d be thrilled to meet you!

Equipment used:

Winspace G2 frame
NEWMEN Evolution SL X.R.25 wheels with Chaoyang 700×50 tires
Mullet SRAM RIVAL AXS groupset with GX AXS Derraiuller


Elapsed TimeMoving TimeDistanceAverage SpeedMax SpeedElevation GainCalories Burned
5th in the gravel category (of 7 😂)

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