La Vuelta! Welcome Back to Ride with Me: Season 2

Welcome back to Ride with Me, the ASMR cycling podcast, where we bring you closer to the thrilling world of cycling like never before. Today marks the exciting commencement of Season 2. To kick off this season, we’re diving into a unique and electrifying experiment that will transport you to the final stretch of a highly controversial stage in one of the recent Grand Tours. Get ready for a sensory journey through the heart-pounding first stage of the 2023 La Vuelta.

Unveiling the Controversial Opener: La Vuelta 2023 Stage 1

The inaugural stage of La Vuelta 2023 was nothing short of controversial. The organizers had meticulously planned the Team Time Trial to be held later in the day, strategically combating the scorching 40-degree summer heat that Spain is known for. However, fate had different plans. After weeks of blissful sunny days in Barcelona, the opening stage coincided with an unexpected storm – the first in months. This twist of nature added a new dimension to the anticipated race.

Battling the Elements: Cyclists and the Unexpected Storm

As the day progressed, what was initially expected to be a delightful evening stage turned into a soaking wet, dimly lit battleground. Cyclists were forced to grapple with the elements – navigating treacherous curves resembling a slip’n’slide more than a professional cycling course. The stormy weather created a surreal atmosphere, challenging even the most skilled riders in the competition.

Capturing the Essence: A Sonic Journey through La Vuelta

Our podcast episode was recorded at ground level, precisely at the last curve before the finish line. Picture riders whizzing by at astonishing speeds of over 50 km/h, mere centimeters away from the recorder. While replicating this experience is challenging, we believe the essence of being present was captured, even if just a little, through the vibrant sounds of thunder, rain, helicopters, police cars, and the roaring cheers of the audience.

Immerse Yourself: An Invitation to the Sensory Experiment

To fully immerse yourself in this sensory experiment, grab your headphones, close your eyes, and let yourself be transported into the heart of La Vuelta. Experience the rush of the race as if you were there, riding with the peloton amidst the thunderous applause and the relentless storm. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and immersive experiences as we continue this thrilling journey through the world of cycling on Ride with Me, the ASMR cycling podcast. Happy riding!

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