Unveiling the Quilombo Journey on Two Wheels

When it comes to delving into the depth of Brazil’s rich history, there’s no better way to experience it than on a bicycle, with the sounds of nature amplifying the experience. Our latest podcast episode takes us on an ASMR cycling journey, starting from the vibrant city of Indaiatuba towards the town of Itupeva, passing through a mix of roads and offbeat dirt paths, and revealing a 200-year-old Quilombo story that is deeply embedded in the landscapes of Brazil.

The Significance of Quilombo

‘Quilombo’ refers to the settlements founded by escaped slaves, predominantly during the 17th to 19th centuries. These establishments formed the heart of rebellion and resilience against the cruel shackles of slavery, making them significant markers in Brazil’s journey towards emancipation. Our cycle trail is guided by these echoes from the past, each pedal stroke connecting us with the history written into the land we tread upon.

The Ride to the Former Quilombo

Our journey takes us from Indaiatuba, across diverse terrains, and culminates at a location that was once a bustling Quilombo. Chosen for its strategic position upstream of the Jundiaí river and the abundance of flora bearing succulent fruits, this Quilombo served as a haven for slaves seeking freedom. The essence of their spirit is still palpable as we cycle along, turning the journey into an unforgettable historical narrative.

Revisiting History through Modern Renovations

Today, the main building of the former Quilombo stands as a testament to its past, thoughtfully reconverted into a pit-stop for travelers. It’s a place to pause, absorb the captivating views, and partake in delicious local cuisine. The whispers of the past mingle with the rustle of leaves and the soft crunch of our tires against the dirt path, turning our ASMR cycling tour into a multisensory immersion.

The ASMR Cycling Experience

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) aims to trigger soothing sensations through specific auditory or visual stimuli, and in our case, we utilize the natural and historic backdrop of our cycling tour. The wind rustling through the trees, the crunch of the gravel under our tires, the distant babble of the Jundiaí river – all contribute to a captivating ASMR experience. The amalgamation of history, nature, and cycling transforms this journey from a mere trip into a profound narrative that lingers long after the ride is over.

Conclusion: A Historical Journey on Wheels

Our ASMR cycling tour across the ancient Quilombo trail is much more than a ride – it’s a dive into the heart of Brazilian history, an experience amplified by the ambient sounds of nature and the thrilling narrative of resilience and freedom. So, join us on this immersive journey and cycle back in time to discover a chapter of history that continues to resonate with the present.

Equipment used:

Winspace G2 frame
NEWMEN Evolution SL X.R.25 wheels with Chaoyang 700×50 tires
Mullet SRAM RIVAL AXS groupset with GX AXS Derraiuller


Elapsed TimeMoving TimeDistanceAverage SpeedMax SpeedElevation GainCalories Burned

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